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Musical Melee Sundered Moon

Musical Melee at the Sundered Moon

Ready for Musical Melee at the Sundered Moon ? Yesterday, The Awolnation invaded the Sundered Moon with a new Dota2 Music Video and in-game music pack !! The Awolnatios’s New Dota2 music video was animated by the three time winner of the Dota 2 Short Film Contest.

For those heroes who like what they hear and want to take a little thrum to their next scrum, Awolnation’s ‘Magic Sticks of Dynamite’ music pack is also available in the Dota 2 store.

Are you curious with the Awolnation’s New Dota2 Music Video? Please check this video out !!

how about your opinions about this official music package on dota store ? did you guys like it ? if you like it you and your friends can save your pocket balance. we hope with this music package can increase your mood while you play ranked mode with your friends. so you can get your win easily and increase your moodbooster everyday !

Make sure you get your balance on your steam wallet , so you can purchase your favorite item in dota2 ! also don’t forget to always keep update on our website and follow our social media at @eternalesports on instagram.

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