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Mercedes Benz Smart Fortwo

Daimler plans to show off a self-driving, electric Smart car concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.

The company envisions the vehicle, dubbed the Smart Vision EQ Fortwo, being use for car sharing in cities. People would be able to request an autonomous car pick via their smartphone. And the vehicle would take them to their desired location.

The smart Electric Drive puts emphasis on the drive, with an improved turning radius, acceleration, and top speed. Also a Lithium-ion battery with an 8-year warranty for shorter charge times and greater range.

Inside, the smart Media-System quickly displays the vehicle’s charge level and energy flow, while visually, the look of your smart is up to you, with over 1,500 combinations of wheels, fabrics, and colors.

It features powered and heated mirrors. A height adjustable driver seat. A supple leather steering wheel. These features and more all add up to make the passion coupe a pleasure on the road.

“The smart vision EQ fortwo is our vision of future urban mobility; it is the most radical car sharing concept car of all: fully autonomous, with maximum communication capabilities, friendly, comprehensively personalizable and, of course, electric,” CEO Annette Winkler, said in a statement.

Source : Mercedes Benz

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