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Step by step into The International 2017 and still 8 days counting. Also wondering who will be the luckiest team to win the most incredible tournament of the year. Talking about the teams who will join The International 2017, you must have already know about The LGD Gaming. Yeah, it’s a Chinese multigaming organizer whose the squad has been on the top of Chinese and Asian scene for a long time. This question then come up into our mind, “how good is them to be the next champion?”

According to the company, LGD will send two teams to Seattle, their main team and LGD Forever Young (LFY). Since LGD has been present in every International from their debut at TI2, this time won’tt the first for them. Back to their Gaming’s history when they were being at the top three finish in TI2, top six finish in TI4, and 3rd place at TI5. Last year’s International ended with dissapointing 9th/12th place, but now it has changed with a big goal The International 2017.

No matter who plays for them, LGD are always aiming for the Aegis of Champions. Even though, they aren’t relevant all the time. This year, they also missed an opportunities to qualify for LANs that their neighbors in China were able to grab. They even failed to qualify for the Kiev Major last year. But, one thing that we can learn from LGD , they always keep struggle and never give up.

Because of their hardwork, they bagged first place at the Mars Dota 2 League. It was the main team’s first premier title in over two years, with the last being an i-League victory in 2015. Actually, after nearly 9 months of LGD and LFY battles, the one that can go to Seattle is LFY.  And this year with the new roster: Monet, Super, Inflame, Ahfu, and ddc,  they will go to The International 2017.

No need to be sad for LGD team because they have talents and competitive experience. This will  pull them to achieved something special if they keep leveraging their strengths as one team. And we always hope for the best for LFY Team who has already prepared for the TI7.

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