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Knight Kris Movie

Hello movie lovers, have you watched this booming movie? It’s called Knight Kris, one of the best animation movie ever in Indonesia. Produced by Deddy Corbuzier and Kaesang Pangarep, we can take many lessons from this movie. So, are you curious about this great one ? Let’s see the synopsis.


Bayu is an eight years old boy from Hening Village. One day, he found a knight kris in mysterious temple at the middle of forbidden forest. Unexpected, that knight kris gives Bayu a power so his body can turn into a tiger knight. At the same time, where the kris was revoked, comes out a giant which ravaged the village and turn the whole village into stone.

Bayu with his cousin named Rani, then met a monkey named Empu who claimed to be a user of that kris before. Empu told them that there are missing piece in that kris. So, three of them go looking for a map that could indicate where the missing piece is, and the place is where the kris has been made.

Reason to Watch

I recommend you to watch this movie because this movie is really a good movie and childrens will like it. In addition, this film also contains Indonesian culture. So when people from other country watch this film, they will know well how the Indonesian culture is.

Let’s watch the trailer below :

To promote this film, Deddy Corbuzier also makes a challenge for people to cover the soundtrack of this Knight Kris Movie. And also, every people can join this challenge, they just to upload their video cover to youtube and the winner will get a super big prize up to $22100. This video below is our team production covering Knight Kris Movie Soundtrack, the title is “Keajaiban Semesta”. I hope you can enjoy this and please share and like this video. Thank you.

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