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Watching The International 7 in VR

Watching a tournament in computer, television, and handphone? It’s too ordinary. How about watching The International 7 Tounament in VR? Yesterday, Valve announced that The International 7, Dota2 Tournament’s main event will be livestreamed from the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington. It started at 10AM and can be watched live online in VR. The Live Streaming using the Dota VR Theater. You also can replays the live matches in SteamVR.

A year ago, in The International 6, Valve added the VR Spectator Mode on Dota. About the explanation you can find it here.

With the biggest prize pool in The International history, about $23 million this year. The International 7 takes place from August 7th until August 12th. A competiting week to know who will be the next championship. So, don’t miss the date.

Actually, VR brings a new world to Dota2 players. They can feel the real virtual reality in that competitive tournament. Valve as the VR’s biggest supporters also added features to the popular game. The features will be a big help for the VR in eSports competition.

Watching in VR is really fun, and it will bring your imagination into reality. So, what do you think about watching The International tournament in VR? Want to try it?Put your comments bellow !

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