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The International 7 Group Stage Results

The International 7 Group Stage still continuous tonight.  After a grueling four days, the group stages have announced the results. At the top one in the list, LGD Forever Young is leading in the group B. The group stage get 14-2 for the score, which is undefeated by the other team.

In Group A’s top one was Liquid, Europe’s Team, with their 13-3 score and not a single full set dropped. At first, LGD-Gaming from China was leading in the first few days, alongside the LFY in Group B. This achievements are far from their rival , TNC Pro Team with their 9-7 score.

Meanwhile, TNC Pro Team still secured a spot in the Upper Bracket above iG.Vitality and European Team Secret. Unfortunately, two teams had to fall in the group stage. It’s Fnatic from SEA Team with a 2-14 final score. Also the Hellraisers, the European open qualifier team, couldn’t take the next step with just a 1-15 finish score in Group B.

Well, from now the LFY still on the top. This is prove that LGD : A Powerful Team With A Nice Performance. For the teams eliminated, Fnatic and Hellraisers , we hope to see them return and show their worth ability in the next tournament outside The International 7. So, let’s see what’s next and keep watching at our next updates!


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