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Treasure III

The Immortal Trasure III – Dota2

The International 2017 just around the corner, and yesterday The Immortal Treasure III 2017 has been released. This treasure can be optains by leveling The International 2017 Battle Pass. It contents regular, rare, very rare, and ultra rare. The contents are not tradeable or marketable for one year, but can be gifted once. So, let’s talking about it contents and where is your favorite.

Immortal Treasure dota2 chest III Contents


Immortal Treasure dota2 ChestLegion Commander head skin

 Iceflight Edifice               Baneful Devotion


Malefic Drake’s Hood             Crimson Cyrridae


 Transversant Soul               The Barren Vector



The International 2017 – 50 Battle Pass Levels

Very Rare


Golden Cyrridae

Ultra Rare

Immortal Treasure dota2 Chest

Vigil Triumph

Each Immortal Treasure dota2 chest III you open also offers increasing odds to receive a rare drop of 50 Battle Levels, a very rare Golden version of the Weaver item, or an ultra rare sword for Sven. All Battle Pass owners can find an Immortal  chest III ready to unbox in the Armory, and you can earn more of these treasures by increasing your Battle Level.

So, have you found your favorite treasure? What are you waiting for? Open your Dota2 and Unbox your treasure now! don’t forget to keep follow our social media at eternalesports and eternalorganizer via instagram.

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