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Illusion Connect Awakening Hersey

illusion connect hersey awaken

Update Patch Today on 6 January 2021 GMT +7 16:00 PM Illusion Connect game fans are excited by

the latest update on the appearance of Awaken for Hersey. You can check the following in this video:


Illusion Connect Hersey Awaken

Of course, with the addition of the Hersey banner on the summon banner using the guild Contribution,

it will make it easier for you to catch this awaken character. For other dust and shards, you can farm via arcana as usual. for those who have never played this game,

brief info about this game based on turn based strategy. for those of you who like strategy games, you will definitely like the gameplay of this game.

This game is also friendly to free players so it’s fun to play. but if you want to support SuperPrism,

you can also top up in-game via Google Play / your favorite online game voucher provider. 

Eternal Friends you should try this Illusion Connect game for those who haven’t tried it yet.

for those who are playing, be enthusiastic about chasing the Awaken.


To do the Illusion Connect Hersey awaken, 7200 dust, 240 Hersey Shard, six stars of hersey and intimacy max level are also needed. so don’t forget to spam gift to Hersey,

so that it can speed up the awaken process. The awaken stats for Lens itself also give a 10% resistance rate and ignore 15% defense resistance rate

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