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Counting down on 3 days again to The International 2017, the biggest Dota 2 Tournament of the year. With the breaking record prize pool $22.657.229 , The International 7 has surpassing last year’s prize pool. Then, how much will the winner get for the Grand Prize? Is it going to be the biggest over the last year too?

Last year’s Wings Gaming as the first place of The International 6 taking home a total of $9.139.002 for their efforts. Now, the for the first time in eSports history, the champions of The International 7 will claim a 8-digit prize. It means that the winner will get $10 Million or above it. What a huge grand prize, isn’t it? Actually, this is good for making the tournament become more competitive.

It’s great to watch that eSports has become bigger and bigger every year. Last year, the eSports industry produced an estimated $493 million in revenue. It has grown about 51.7% from 2015. And Dota 2 always be the one who had the biggest revenue over the other eSports games.

We hope that all of the participants can do their best. The winner will be the luckiest one, who gets the biggest grand prize over The International Tournaments. So, who will be the next champion of The International 7? Let’s just wait and see !

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