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One week ago, GESC (Global Electeronic Sports Championship) came to Jakarta !!! The First and official eSports tournament by Valve. This event held from March 15th – March 18th 2018 at Indonesia Convention Exhibition, BSD City.

“We (GESC) are very enthusiastic about organizing this tournament in Jakarta, Indonesia.This will be the most important moment in eSports competition in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia,” said Oskar Feng, GESC Founder & CEO.

“I was surprised by the gamer’s interest in Indonesia. In just 72 hours ticket sales opened already directly sold out. It’s proof gamers in Indonesia are more than ready for world-class eSports tournaments. ”

In this tournament, competing teams will compete for a total prize money of US $ 300,000. Not only prize money, the top four who participate in this competition will get qualification points for the Dota 2 Major tournament, The International 2018.

The eight teams competing in GESC Indonesia Dota 2 Pro Circuit Minor are Evil Geniuses, Na’Vi, Fnatic, VGJ Thunder. Beside that, there are The Final Tribe, Animal Planet, Infamous, and representatives from Indonesia, RRQ (Rex Regum Qeon).

If you want to watch the tournament , you can also check it in this video below :

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