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Hey, what’s up ML players ! Finally, now Mobile Legends has released a new hero, it’s GatotKaca ! Have you know about this before ? This new hero is created as an appreciation of Mobile Legends to Indonesia as well as introducing Indonesian culture to the world. So, are you ready to play with this new hero?

Fendy, as the Mobile Legends’s Indonesia Country Manager, declared the process of determining the new hero character. He said that GatotKaca has passing through challenging stages, such as in-depth research and voting results from the casters. Then, he collaborated with the Indonesian cartoonist, Yuniarto , and decided to create a new design of the new hero character.

It said that special for the new hero character, GatotKaca, they also added voice over with the familiar words to Indonesian people. Such as unity in diversity, no pain no gain, and om telolet om. The launch of this new hero was launched in a unique way , by doing a cosplay flash-mob in Jakarta. This will make people familiar with GatotKaca.

It’s really a good idea to make a great hero like this. With this new hero, we hope that all of the Mobile Legends players from Indonesia till the foreigners will know about Indonesian Culture. Soon, the local hero from the other country will be release in this game too? Who knows? Let’s just wait for it !

Go ! Hero for Indonesia go ! Let’s check this official video too :

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