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Frostivus Custom Game Contest

The winter season will be coming soon, which means Valve has made something special for the season. Yeah, Valve announced Frostivus, a new custom game contest. All creators will have until November 20th to create and submit the custom game. Each entry must be a new multiplayer custom game heavily themed around the Frostivus season this year.

This may be cooperative or competitive amongst the players. According to the Dota 2 Blog, the winning entry will be selected by Valve and will received a prize of $30,000. What a big prize, isn’t it?

If you want to entry you can check the Frostivus 2017  Contest Rule here. Make sure to tag your game with “Frostivus 2017” so fans can find your game in the workshop.

Ahead from this, Valve also working on The Dueling Fates Updates. It still don’t have an exact release date, but it’s expecting to take about a month to finish the content. For the teaser, you can also check it here.

We are still waiting for the next updates from Valve. We hope that The Most Wanted updates are going be great. Well, are you going to win The Frostivus Custom Game Contest? It’s all in your hands.

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