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Eternal Creative Agencyevent organizer in bandung


Hi People, today i want to share something with you all, it’s about one of the best creative agency also esports event organizer in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Have you ever heard about Eternal Organizer before? This organizer is not just an organizer , but it has many branch in many field.

For you who like gaming, there is Eternal Esports which sometimes will organize MOBA Tournament or PC Game Tournament such as Dota2, PUBG, and manymore. For those who like to improve your business skill, they have EternalDEX (Eternal Digital Expert), or maybe you are an automotive lover? Eternal have Eternal Automotive which can give you more convenient way in automotive field.

For girls, don’t be sad because Eternal also has its own Brand Fashion, called Stacia. Who loves fashion here? Such an amazing Event Organizer, right? Or maybe you are want to find an photography or videography services? Come here because they have Eternal Photoworks which is photo and video organizer for many event. They have a drone too !

Oh right, they will open a new cafe soon ! It’s Called Connecto. If you want to relax yourself with a cup of coffee or snack , just come here. This cafe has a nice atmosphere, there is an outdoor and indoor room. We will inform you again if it has opened.

Founder of Eternal

Yonathan had many international / national projects by his dedication to grow the creative industry, age doesn’t matter as long as you have passion for it.Behind the greatest concept idea, there is always people behind the scene who control all of the business flow and he is also the founder of Eternal. His name is Yonathan Aditya, he is still 23 years old. he have dream to build better digital industry in Indonesia.


Yonathan Aditya – Chief Executive Officer (IG : @yonz_aditya)

So don’t hesitate to contact us  , we are here always ready to help your business.

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