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Most of you must have known about eSports, the competitive video gaming which  has changed the world.  It’s not just a game that we play then ended with a beautiful story. The eSports game can performing on a big stage in a tournament. Tournaments such as The International,  The League of Legends Championship, and the Evolution Championship Series. Of course, the professional eSports player can get a high salary if they win the tournament.

The magic of eSports isn’t just in the gameplay itself, but in the personalities and culture around it. Since it has known on 1972, eSports always show its development every years. It grows tremendously in the 21th century, today we can see that eSports has risen in the world. With the popularity and online streaming service have helped eSports to growth and people can wathching tournaments easily.

Will eSports be The Future of Entertainment?

eSports Industry now is looking like to the other sports like football or NBA. Tournaments held is flooded by millions as they organize live events such as pubstomps to cheer on their favorite team. I believe that everyone always looking for profitable company to be cooperate with. And eSports industry is the answer and the perfect choice for investor to invest their assets.

eSports is very different from other entertainment industries, and i think that eSports can bring the future of entertainment. With the number of big companies and people who getting involved, eSports can increase the value of industry. The support of the community, dedication, the endorsement, and passion of the professional players are the blocks to build an entertainment industry.


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