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eSports Bar

eSports Bar

eSports , a word that can connects every aspects in the world. Not just the future of entertainment, now, how about we mix the eSports and the culinary world? How it will be? For the first time, we think that it’s impossible. What can we make something new in the collaboration of eSports and culinary ?

Nothing is impossible if we have a creative mind, we can find something new and make it to become an invention. So, the collaboration of eSports and Culinary world is eSports Bar. Have you ever heard about this before? eSports Bar can be a perfect place for gamers to get relax, they can watch matches together, play games, or maybe enjoy a cold one with friends.

Actually, eSports Bar is different with pubstomps. Pubstomps or Public games is a place that usually use to watch a tournament together. People organize a group of gamers , then go to a cybercafe to watch their favorite team playing on eSports tournament.

Beside that, eSports bar can be used to make a business. Gamers like to find a comfortable place to hang out with their friends and eSports bar is the best place to go. So, if there is place like this in Indonesia, we think that it will be good to develop the culinary sector. The Headmaster of the bar could sells so many things like wine, alcohol, juice, tea, and the other beverages. For the snacks, they could sell french fries, pasta, hamburger, etc.

eSports Bar now has been opened in the western country. And it said that the world’s biggest eSports Bar will be open in Quebec soon. So, when eSports bar opens in Indonesia? It’s Indonesian turn to open the first eSports bar !!! Because gamers have waited long for it. We hope soon Indonesia will have eSports Bar in each city. Go eSports, go Culinary World !!!

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