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eSports in Japan

eSports in Japan

eSports has become one of the most important thing in the world. No matter how big the world is it, there must be communities who loves eSports in each country. The eSports industry will grow bigger and bigger. According to Bloomberg , by 2020, total revenue from eSports will reach $5 billion anually, which is almost as much as the world’s biggest soccer league today.

There are also some countries which supports their eSports industry and even including eSports as a part in every sectors. For example, in the US they include eSports in education sector. US promising gamers win college scholarships and NBA teams pay athletes to sit in front of computer screens and compete at virtual basketball.

Then, how about in Japan? As the country which invented video games, Japan still keeping Japanese out of video games competition. As you can see  in The International 7, there are so many players came all over the world, but none were from Japan. Even though, its neighbor country, China and South Korea have a competitive video gaming and their stadiums are being built for it.

The Reasons

One of the biggest reason is because of the status quo, which get support from parents and teachers who worry that gaming is worse. “Staying up late to play video games, breaking a healthy lifestyle, dropping out of school? This is all connected” said Kazuhiro Yoshino.  Kazuhiro Yoshino is a superintendent of elementary and middle schools at Osaka’s board of education.

The other reason is because Japanese people can’t live just from gaming. Hirokazu Hamamura, head of Gzbrain Inc., share his thoughts. “In Japan, players can’t make a living from gaming. And without star players, there’s no one to spread the message” said him.

Actually this were not right at all, we think that everyone have their own talent. Not just because you are graduated with a perfect grade, you can be the greatest in the life. But, someone who has a passion and believe it can make a change in their life. Like the South Korean’s best player, Lee Sang Hyeok. Even though he  dropped out from high school, he made millions and get mobbed by fans because of his popularity and achievements.

Image Source : Bloomberg

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