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Bluestack X Mobile Android on your Web Browser

Bluestack X Cloud platform Mobile Android on your Web Browser. reported from the official web https://www.bluestacks.com/bluestacks-x.html

In the future we can play Android services only from our platform browser. so this will be a new innovation in the world of cloud platforms.

Bluestack X Mobile Android on your Web Browser

bluestack x claims that its service will be the first cloud gaming service based on android without having to install the app/game.

wow of course this is very cool because we can save storage space on our devices. although bluestack x is still in the BETA stage,

it is certain that over time it will develop into a full stable version. here you can watch the video trailer from bluestack X BETA



how do you think about it Eternal Friends? so cool right? Of course at this time we can only wait for the presence of this platform service,

so we can’t be sure for the details of the gaming controller but we think the controller itself will not be much different from the initial version of the bluestack service.

for the FPS (Frames per Second) itself, Bluestack X cloud platform is able to provide 60 fps +

but it needs to be remembered because this will be a cloud service so it is very influential with The ISP (Internet Service Provider)

we have on our location.

What do you think about Cloud Gaming Platform ?

What do you think about Cloud Gaming Platform ? is this will be future of gaming industry ?

it will depend how can we use that cloud platform to maximize the function of cloud platform in the future . lets see and decide it when we already try this bluestack x cloud platform !

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